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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Sigg-nificant


25 June 2009, 12:18

Plastic water bottles have been a topic of concern for many years. It’s no secret that they produce tons of waste each year with only a small percentage that actually gets recycled. According to the Container Recycling Institute, 86% of plastic water bottles used in the U.S. end up in landfills, or as litter. As much as we continue to push for recycling, the amount of time we spend using water bottles will never compare to the amount of expended time and energy to manufacture them. From an ecological standpoint, THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

The best solution is to eliminate the use of water bottles altogether. Reusable bottles made of polycarbonate have been surfacing as an alternative. Although they are portable and come in a variety of sizes, many argue that some polycarbonate bottles will leach toxic Bisphenol A (BPA) and can also leave an unpleasant scent over time.

A better and safer solution would be to invest in aluminum bottles, more specifically SIGG water bottles. Although SIGG bottles are designed and manufactured in Switzerland, they are built to last and exceed the life of a plastic bottle. Its aluminum exterior makes for a rigid and virtually shatterproof design. Each bottle is lined with a special proprietary coating, allowing it to be resistant to all consumable beverages while remaining neutral to scent and taste. Furthermore, SIGG bottles exceed the FDA requirements and ensure that there is 0.0% leaching of chemicals leaving it to be 100% safe.

What makes SIGG most appealing, however, is its extensive selection of bottle designs. Each year, SIGG releases new designs from several independent artists resulting in a vast array of graphic designs and providing a more personal touch to the bottle. Furthermore, SIGG bottles come in a variety of sizes, all with identical openings, allowing the user to customize the bottle caps to their specific needs. It’s no wonder the Museum of Modern Art decided to honor the design in their museum.

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