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The practical application of a set of actions resulting from the use of thought, theory, lessons and skill results in Praxis.

BRAVE / PRAXIS is a blog intending to convey part of the design process as it surfaces from the subconscious to the conscious. It is a portal by which we pass from mere theoretical awareness to the realm of practice, enacting lessons, and putting skill into action. This blog illustrates the things that feed our design process and our work, as well as things that move and motivate us. It is a parking lot for collected concepts, views and objects. In short, it is inspirational storage, and a medium to pour concepts to be measured from a distinct angle.

Contributions for consideration are welcomed, commentary is expected. We are continuously open to new and diverse perspectives that fit the purpose of this site. We encourage visitors to participate by first contacting us for consideration as a guest contributor; email us here. Opinions offered by contributing writers or visitors’ comments do not fully or accurately indicate how we work, our philosophy or our position on issues. The opinions expressed by contributing writers are in no way endorsed by the editors of this blog. Photographs, product names, writings, quotes and all other material appearing here are copyrighted and/or trademarked by their respective owners.

Editorial team: Fernando Brave, Christian Sheridan, Peter Ho, and Angela Martinez.

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BRAVE / ARCHITECTURE is an architecture and design firm established in Houston, Texas in 2002.