The topic of baby pictures came up in the Brave office, so we decided to dedicate a Pics of the Week post to Throw Back Thursday! Everyone in the office participated and we all had a good laugh looking at everyone’s old photos. The general conclusion is that we were all much cuter back then. Try to guess who’s who!

[above] Photo 1

[above] Photo 2

[above] Photo 3

[above] Photo 4

[above] Photo 5

[above] Photo 6

[above] Photo 7

[above] Photo 8

[above] Photo 9

[above] Photo 10

[above] Photo 11

[above] Photo 12

[above] Photo 13

Photo 1: Val Glitsch; Photo 2: Audrey Vilain; Photo 3: Christian Sheridan; Photo 4: Diana Ngo; Photo 5: Catherine Schoolar; Photo 6: Alp Bozkurt; Photo 7: Ethan Dehaini; Photo 8: Natasha Dunn; Photo 9: Fernando Brave; Photo 10: Rick de la Cruz; Photo 11: Silvana Micolich; Photo 12: Peter Ho; Photo 13: Brandi Johnson

And we want to give a special welcome to our newest Brave member:

Bryce Johnson, Son of Brandi Johnson
Happy one-month!