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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Pics of the Week: Hometown

Pics of the Week: Hometown

15 July 2009, 14:29

Although the majority of us here in the office reside in Houston (with the exception of Alejandro who is in Buenos Aires), it is not always where we call home. Here we are recording places or events that symbolize or remind us of where we are from.

[above] Humble, Texas by Sally Díaz ©

[above] Untitled by Alp Bozkurt ©

[above] Soda de Colores by Silvana Micolich ©

[above] Argentina 1978 by Frank Vargas, AIA ©

[above] Close to Home by Alejandro Brave ©

[above] Hues(ton) by Peter Ho ©

[above] Kavanagh by Fernando L. Brave, AIA ©

[above] Ft. Wayne by Christian Sheridan, AIA ©

[above] Matamoros, MX by Fabian Vargas ©

[above] Sao Paulo by Ana Beckner ©

[above] El Paso by Veronica Hernandez ©

[above] WF,TX by Angela Martinez ©


#1 · Angela Martinez

15 07 2009 - 19:52

I am so impressed with everyone’s photos this week. It’s great to see where everyone started at.

#2 · Peter

16 07 2009 - 14:12

I like that I’m the one and only Houstonian

#3 · Jeanne Sheridan

16 07 2009 - 15:00

The photo brings back great memories of eating at Coney Island, a landmark in FW.
It does look like we are taking the girls into a dive!!
Great photos. I always enjoy.