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BRAVE / PRAXIS: HPL Collier Library :: Anamorphic Typography

For the past few years, we have had the opportunity to work with the Houston Pubic Library. The Collier Regional Library, our latest interior renovation, includes and further expands the interior design standards we have been developing for the group.

In the kids reading area, we decided to include a modest contribution to the anamorphic art world. A “hidden message” was placed on the wall and could only be clearly read from a particular point. The vantage point is located in a viewing booth and left for the kids to discover. The graphic was designed by Brave/Architecture and brought to life by Bree “The Mural Girl”. Enjoy!

©Silvana Micolich ©Silvana Micolich ©Silvana Micolich ©Silvana Micolich ©Silvana Micolich