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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Houston Art Car Parade

Houston Art Car Parade

11 May 2010, 21:07

It has been a few years since I had gone out to see the art car parade and it was a treat to make it this past weekend with my family and my niece. Although I really enjoy the parade, my favorite part of the whole event is walking through the cars and seeing them in detail before they take off down Allen Parkway. It is interesting to see techniques or materials people use to transform their cars and bicycles or to create motorized objects and creatures. Art cars add a vibrant and funky element to Houston’s culture. They are like Easter eggs spread out around the city, and this event is a great opportunity to see and experience them all at one time.

Chalk Board Bus Color Bus Fish Orchestra Foil Frankenstein Knick Knack Top Knick Knack Car Lucha Van Luchadors Material Girl Car Mirror Car Ping Pong Top Pollock Car Radio Flyer Sargent Peppers Tennis Truck Toy Car Toy Cars Close Up Yarn Car Yellow Submarine Crowd Watching Parade


#1 · Suzi Blair

19 05 2010 - 03:53

The color bus…Way cool! Reminds me of the Merry Pranksters bus from years ago at the Dead Shows.