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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Gingerbread Build Off 2014 part 2

Gingerbread Build Off 2014 part 2

27 January 2015, 14:12

Day of the event!

The day was nice, the weather was right, and we were able to stock up on coffee before the actual build-off started. We arrived before 10AM with time to spare, so we decided to start the day off by sorting more sprinkles and setting up stations to work in.

Our tactic was to divide and conquer: a team handling the house, another team on the characters, and multiple teams tackling the site. When someone needed a break, they switched gears to supervise. And as designers, we all paid attention to detail. There were discussions on which sprinkles to use, whether the angles were correct, and even how many gumdrops should be used on the back. As time was running out, there was a heated debate on whether the black lines between the planes should even be applied. How clean can we make it? Will we mess up? Will it be worth it? Or will it collapse like a previous gingerbread experience? Luckily, it turned out well and our efforts were not in vain.

Time was called, we cleaned up, and stepped back to admire our work. And then we waited while people stopped by to look at what we’ve accomplished.

We took more than enough pictures to document most of the process. The images below can be clicked on for a larger view. Scroll down to see the final model!

Voilà! The finished product! We did not win any awards, but our model was requested to be displayed at the Houston Architecture Center. We were very proud of the finished piece, so it was a pleasure and honor to fulfill that request.

Also check out the pictures below to see some of the other gingerbread models! There were many very impressive ones.