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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Frank & Bryant take flight from Ellington Field

On Sunday, a day with fantastic weather and the visibility incredible, Bryant and I went flying. We were able to see all of downtown Houston and Galleria from Galveston Bay. We took off from Ellington Field to the east and leveled off at 1500 feet. We flew over Houston Yacht Club where we had our last two company retreats (we took a photo for Fernando). It was a little bit choppier than Bryant liked so we climbed to 2500 feet looking for calmer air; we found it, and it was nice from then on. Halfway through Galveston Bay we turned south to Galveston following the ships on the Ship Channel. When we reached the coast I let Bryant take the yoke and I had him turn us south parallel to the beach.

We flew south near San Luis Pass where we turned north back towards Ellington. Of all the people that I have taken up with me over the years, Bryant was the only one—maybe because of his architectural background—to comment on the fragility of the residential subdivision being built in the Galveston area. That fact is very apparent when you see them from the air in context of the large bodies of water that surrounds them. I also pressed Bryant into co-pilot duties and made him read off the checklists to me. He did a fine job!

Houston Yacht Club Our Flight Path