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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Film Review: Objectified

Film Review: Objectified

9 November 2009, 14:07

A couple of Fridays ago was the revival of our monthly lunch and a movie at the office. Our featured film was Objectified by Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica. Objectified is a documentary that focuses on the design of objects and products, or industrial design. It poses the question of what is design, how do we approach it, what makes it good design? The film addresses these questions through a compilation of perspectives of designers from across the globe. Coming from an architectural background, it was easy for me to relate as the approach and challenges of design are shared though all facets of the creative fields.

The material brought forth in the film carries insight to those in the field of industrial design. It is centered on the understanding of how people interact with everyday life in order to generate a design based on need and philosophy. Often, an instant marketing component is also incorporated into to the design process. The film also shows how current technology can influence design and enhance or challenge the existing form of objects defined by old media.

As with all disciplines of design, sustainability plays a prominent role in the design process. The film advocates that products must be approached with a new mentality, not only involving the ability to reuse and recycle but also addressing the desire for the new and to value the old. How do you design products to sell while simultaneously inspiring consumers to stick with what they have? Additionally, how can this approach be applied to technology that is currently expendable through constant upgrading?

Objectified takes product design from one end of the spectrum to the other through a series of transitions. Design philosophies from various prominent designers are presented one after another, keeping you engaged throughout the film. The content brings a fresh outlook to those in the design profession as it provides insight into the world of product design. The film also allows both consumers and designers to witness the rigors of the process and challenges them to focus on the details in order to get a better understanding of the complexities behind the products they encounter every day.

Movie stills and poster: Objectified Official Website
Peelers Photo: New York Times


#1 · Angela

10 11 2009 - 15:16

This was such a great movie from a great director! Great job Sally.

#2 · Tony Medrano

12 11 2009 - 01:11

You should open your movie nights to public…hint hint