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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Can I borrow your windows, please?

There’s something interesting going on in the windows of the old Alley Theatre, and it’s bound to catch the attention of the passerby!

Earlier this month I was invited to attend an opening at a one of a kind Houston art venue called the Main Street Projects. The gallery is located near the intersection of Main and Alabama within company of familiar venues such as the Continental Club, Double Trouble, Natachee’s, Taco’s a Go Go , and etc. This strip of Main is considerably “up and coming”, so to help promote local businesses it hosts ‘Mid Main First Thursdays’. The event consists of block parties, the Mid Main Market (which donate a portion of their proceeds to various non-for profit organizations), and the opening night for the Main Street Projects.

What stood out for me in particular, aside from the fact that I was welcomed by a rather surreal dj’d lawn party in the area adjacent to the building, was the unusual setup of the gallery itself. It was an exhibition that you could enjoy from the side walk! You see, at the Main Street Projects the artists utilize the repurposed windows of the old theater as exhibition space. Even more interesting, the building itself remains in a state of renovation while only the front windows are continuously activated by the works of various artists. Local, national, and international artist are invited to display their work for a 3-week time period. The Main Street Projects’ creators describe their windows as

“ … a unique public exhibition space, which the artists must consider in executing the installation. The use of display windows facilitates a conversation with the public regarding universal visual queues and the subversive effect these architectural elements have on our perception.”

The exhibitions are curated by Galina Kurlat and Rahul Mitra, Theresa Escobedo, and Brandon Dimit with the support of building owners Bob and Lane Shultz and Pete Gordon. If ever you find yourself free on the first Thursday of the month, I recommend you take a moment to check it out, as it is one of the things that undoubtedly add to the coolness of our city!