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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Audio ::: The Dodos

Audio ::: The Dodos

6 January 2011, 21:46

I once read in a book that the music you listened to in college will be the music you’ll always return to in your life. The staple soundtrack to your life, so to speak. That it will always be difficult for an older person to become interested in new sounds. In most instances I find this very true (my last Audio post is evidence of this) but I have found that this can change.

One day I was listening to my Grooveshark playlist and hit “radio”, this feature grabs random songs based on your favorites selected. One of the first songs to come up was “Horny Hippies” by the Dodos. BAM! I was hooked and after only a couple more listens I went ahead and made the plunge and purchased their album, Beware of Maniacs. I have not looked back since and enjoy almost every minute that I spend listening to this band. Thus, I thought I would share with the rest (if you haven’t heard of them already) of you all the interesting and unique sounds of The Dodos. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about The Dodos check out their official website, their Facebook page or on iTunes.

fools – dir. by Matt Amato

The Dodos | Myspace Music Videos

Band photo from The Dodos Facebook page.