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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Book Review: Amancio Williams

Book Review: Amancio Williams

5 June 2009, 18:50

With forewords by former Dean of Architecture at the University of Michigan, Reginald Malcolmson and architect Emilio Ambasz, this book offers an essential look into the work of one of modernism’s most mystical characters. The recently published book, started by Williams but left incomplete by the time of his death in 1989, is filled with clear detail of his works, writings and thoughts. Amancio Williams’ entry for the Parc de la Villete in Paris in 1982 is illustrated in full boards. The 1943-1945 House over the Brook in Mar del Plata, undoubtedly on of modern architecture’s best know and most daring houses, is also displayed in the publication. The architect’s furniture design, competition entries and his theoretical work, including his residential towers, “The City Needed by Humanity” and the airport over the river, provide useful academic precedents. Of outmost interest are his letters, including one to Le Corbusier in January of 1946 and LC’s response in April of the same year where he writes Williams: “You are very talented. Your work breaths of open sea, the ocean, and the pampas.” Years later, Amancio Williams served as architect of record and construction manager for Le Corbusier’s Casa Curutchet in la Plata, the master’s only built house in all of the Americas, fact that is mostly omitted in the book save for a small entry in the architect’s chronological list of work.

Author: Claudio Williams
Press: Summa Libros, 2008