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BRAVE / PRAXIS: NEWS :: Visitors! Meet Roland!

NEWS :: Visitors! Meet Roland!

3 July 2013, 13:31

The other day we were so lucky to have former B/A graphics designer, Angela, and her baby Roland drop by to pay us a visit. The adorable baby boy is only 2 months old and already pretty tall (or long, I’m not sure how that works for babies). Anyway, Roland was so good while at the office. He did not mind one bit being surrounded by so many new faces, or being held by so many different people. He even treated us to a show of one of his newly developed skills—smiling!! Like most new parents, Angela says she and Nick are still adjusting. Angela also told us that the first month was definitely the hardest, but now things are much calmer. I imagine that being a parent is quite a difficult job, but as far as I can tell, they are off to a wonderful start! Congratulations Angela and Nick!


#1 · Angela M.

17 07 2013 - 02:06

Oh, you guys are so awesome! Thanks to the B/A clan for being so wonderful to our little guy.