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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Coopersburg :: Lutron Training at Headquarters

We were invited by Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls to participate in a Lutron Training held in Pennsylvania. The 2-day training consisted of presentations on lighting control, ballast applications, LED controls and selection criteria, Lutron fixtures, Energi TriPak, Grafik Eye QS, Energi Savr Node, Quantum, and Lutron’s shading system. We also received a tour of Lutron’s Quality Test Lab as well as the Ben Franklin Tech Center.

As the training was a good experience and I learned a lot from it, it wasn’t targeted towards architecture as much as I thought it would be. Majority of the group in the training were engineers, lighting consultants, or sales representatives. Nonetheless, the presentations pointed out that at least 30% of energy costs can be saved through lighting control if it was designed to accommodate day lighting and occupancy. Then it goes into how Lutron provides solutions to control day lighting, whether if you’re controlling a room, a floor, or a whole building. The example they enjoyed referring to is the New York Times Building and how the shading and lighting system is programmed to change depending on the time of day to maximize the amount of day lighting received on each floor.

[I think one of the first resistors invented. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.]

[One of the first dimmers invented.]

After being exposed to the technical jargon of lighting control, we were given a tour of Lutron’s Quality Test Lab. We saw where they tested the shades, multi-voltage temperature, sound test, bulbs, and more! There was one station where they fundamentally destroyed bulbs to test its safety. Another room that was about 8’ wide and at least 20’ deep had clear large bulbs covering the side walls up to maybe 12’ high. It was on a sequence so bulbs would randomly turn on and off. I thought that was really neat to see and wanted to capture a picture, but we weren’t allowed to take any (I found out after being caught).

[Testing equipment.]

[More testing equipment.]

[And more testing equipment.]

[Safety first!]

Another tour we went to the next day was at the Ben Franklin Tech Center, which is focused on assisting startup technology-driven enterprises with access to capital, resources and networks. The newer building has Lutron lighting and shading systems throughout, and we were able to test them to see how it operates and basically just push buttons.

[Ben Franklin welcoming visitors to sit with him.]

[The group nerding out about the lighting.]

The training concluded with a few more presentations about other Lutron products, and then we were on our way to the airport to return to our own cities. This was the first time I participated in training other than a lunch and learn CEU, so it was a fun new experience that I won’t forget! I wanted to take more pictures, but I didn’t. So enjoy what I do have!

[Steel Stacks from far far away.]

[An interesting house I felt I needed to take a picture of.]