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Audio ::: XTC

23 April 2010, 18:25

Being the younger brother in a family of four has been enriching in a lot of ways. One of the benefits was the early exposure to music. I got to discover this band through my older brother, Fernando, who was at that time in his late teens. The band was formed by guitarist Andy Partridge, bassist Coling Moulding, drummer Terry Chambers, and Keyboard player Barry Andrews.

At that time, the punk rock movement was in full swing in the London and New York music scene, but XTC found their style, a unique brand of hyperactive pop mixed with funk, punk, ska, reggae, baroque pop, and art rock (catalogued at that time as “New Wave”). The band’s influence by earlier British pop and rock bands is apparent, and something they make no effort to disguise. But the original way in which the music is composed and masterfully executed puts the band in a category of their own.

I rediscovered the band during my high school years and since then listened to them sporadically. More than being a band full of top hits, XTC has had a long lasting critical success. They have long been an influential band to a lot of the bands we listen to today. Enjoy!

XTC Website
Even though their lead singer did not enjoy live performances, they did a great job.
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