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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Audio: Listening to… Paloma Faith

Audio: Listening to… Paloma Faith

28 November 2011, 15:53

This should really be called ‘Listening To … The Internet,’ because, as we were discussing in the office earlier last week, the way we find out about new music has changed by leaps and bounds, thanks to the all mighty Internet. Where once you had to actively and physically figure out who that band on the radio was, now it is as simple as a Google search or even the press of an App. For some this takes the fun out of discovering new music, but for me it makes it all the more enjoyable. This is because for every three one-hit wonders, you can also find a great band that didn’t even exist to you before. Such is the case in me finding Paloma Faith.

I posted a music blog a while back for the Noisettes (which has since become one of my favorites to go back and rediscover from time to time) and in using my search tools on the Internet I was able to find a few sites, that not only help you figure out what the name of that band that sings that one song, but also other similar bands to that band, and that band and that band, etc. Anyway, Paloma Faith is an excellent vocalist with that soulful jazzy sound that I loved from the Noisettes. Thanks internet!

Photo Credit: Masthead photo by Alice Hawkins and thumbnail on right album sleeve; found on


#1 · Macky Paige

5 12 2012 - 21:39

I love everything I have heard from her so far! I can’t believe she’s being featured on VEVO Lift right now!