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BRAVE / PRAXIS: Pics of the Week ::: Rusted

Pics of the Week ::: Rusted

4 November 2009, 16:36

Rust can have either physical or descriptive characteristics. Having rust is perceptible sign of age, a patina, a chemical reaction of oxidation, and corrosion. On the other hand, to be rusty is a way to describe a person as unseasoned, a taste as stale, or a color as brown and red or copper.

Rust communicates a story by the context and object which it is found. It can describe a place, such as the salty humidity of the sea, or show neglect, as seen in abandoned industrial warehouses or forgotten automobiles. It can also convey materiality, an intentional use for the lure of the color or the practicality or norm of the metal used for certain applications.

Within each photo taken this week, one can find a different story depicted by the rusted objects and places captured.

[above] Rusted Gate by Alejandro Colom ©

[above] laguarida by Andrés Felipe Escobar ©

[above] Still Good by Bryant Alcantara ©

[above] Mettle by Christian Sheridan, AIA ©

[above] Forgotten by Fernando L. Brave, AIA ©

[above] Monterrey Machine Shop by Hannah Sargent ©

[above] Shelved by Peter Ho ©

[above] Anderson Farm, Building No. 3 by Greg Ryden ©

[above] Rust by Frank Vargas, AIA ©